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July 31, 2019
4 Hot Culinary Trends for Summer 2019

The 2019 summer season brings warmth, sunshine, and…new culinary trends!

As the leading catering and events center in Columbus, we at The Grand Event Center believe that food is an important part of weddings, family gatherings and celebrations of all shapes and sizes. To us, it’s important to keep up with the latest culinary trends so that we’re able to serve our guests the freshest, tastiest and most memorable meals possible.

Our award-winning executive chef changes the menu every season—four times a year—to keep things different and exciting for our guests. A photo preview of some of our favorites dishes on the summer seasonal menu can be viewed below!

To help you in planning your next social or business event, here are four of the top culinary trends for the 2019 summer:


This Spanish, wine-based punch is quickly becoming the official cool-down drink of the summer. Some of the world’s largest wine brands are beginning to add sangria labels, and its popularity is expected to grow upwards of 50% in the next year. At The Grand Event Center in Columbus, guests can order a virgin sangria off our seasonal menu that’s sure to satisfy taste buds and quench thirst all summer long.

Health Foods

This summer, people are wanting superfoods incorporated into their meals more than ever. Superfoods provide energy, boost brainpower, aid digestion and soften skin. From Heirloom Tomato Salad and Salmon Wellington to Fresh Cavatelli Cacio e Pepe and more, our culinary team has incorporated many of these superfoods into seasonal dishes to give guests that energy they need to maximize their event.

Ocean-Inspired Flavors

The summer is definitely a time for travel and beach days, but you don’t have to travel to the coast to enjoy delicious, ocean-inspired flavors. Global cuisine has always been a trend, but this summer we looked at the Pacific to influence our seasonal menu. Guests can try Pork Tenderloin Al Pastor, Coconut Confetti Rice, Chocolate Mango Coconut Cake, and more to get an authentic, tropical taste unlike any other.

Vegan Options

“Plant-based” has become a buzz phrase lately, but from a health and wellness standpoint, vegan options are a hot culinary trend that will only become more popular as time goes on. At The Grand Event Center, we seek to accommodate all of our guests and ensure we have dining options that satisfy unique dietary needs and restrictions. For example, our Tandoori Roasted Cauliflower is a delicious vegan option that will satisfy the hunger of not just our vegan guests, but all guests!


From The Grand Event Center’s Summer Seasonal Menu:

Lemon Herb Roasted Poulet Rouge with Artichoke Barigoule

Pork Tenderloin “Al Pastor” with Avocado Crema and Bacon Powder

Passion Fruit Crème Brulee

Berry Shortcake with Mascarpone Cream

Mango Chocolate Coconut Cake