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Bill Brown, Workout intructor
September 28, 2018
Say ‘I Do’ to These 4 Wedding Workout Tips

This is a guest post by Bill Brown, General Manager of the Arena District Athletic Club in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

The wedding planning process includes so many important details. Couples can sometimes forget to think about themselves and, more specifically, their health.

As General Manager of the Arena District Athletic Club and a certified personal trainer more than 20 years, I’ve created effective wedding workout strategies for countless Columbus-area bridal parties, and currently leads a high-intensity group training program, fitCAMP, that helps achieve lasting results. Whether you have four weeks to train or you’re a year away from the big day, fitCAMP is as custom of a workout program as your wedding day will be; tailored to meet your unique fitness goals.

With the proper fitness habits in place, brides and grooms get to look great when they walk down the aisle and dance the night away at their Grand Event Center reception.

Whether your goal is losing weight or toning your body, here are a few wedding workout tips to help you feel your best on your big day, and throughout your happily ever after.


1. Discover What You Enjoy Doing

The key to proper exercise, especially before a wedding, is to start at a level you feel comfortable with. That means doing the workouts you prefer, since you’re more likely to stick with them. Whether that be weight training, running or bicycling–doing an exercise you enjoy, and gradually and consistently heightening the intensity over a set period of time, could result in significant positive changes to your body.

If you have yet to discover an exercise that drives you, try breaking into something new. For example, most brides lean into cardio workouts to get ready for their wedding. While they may see initial results, the body tends to plateau over time. With weight training, you’re working your muscles, resulting in a shapelier and longer-lasting figure.


2. Find Someone to Get Fit With

While you may have found an exercise you enjoy, it’s meaningless unless you stay motivated enough to stick with it. Finding a bridesmaid, best man or your soon-to-be-spouse to work out with offers valuable support and is often more fun than going at it alone. You can even find activities that the whole bridal party can do together!

When it comes to getting in shape for your wedding, consistency, time and intensity is key. If you don’t have a friend to exercise with, then consider getting involved with a workout group that can provide the same level of support to create a healthy level of motivation, accountability and encouragement.

fitCAMP at the Arena District Athletic Club hits on all the above. Spanning 16 sessions over 4 weeks, the camp helps jumpstart peoples’ fitness goals through customized programs developed by expert trainers. Knowing how busy you are planning the wedding, all you have to do is show up and put in the effort!

3. Evaluate Your Nutrition

You can’t out-train a bad diet. No matter how hard you work out, if you’re not eating properly you won’t see the results you’re looking for. At the Arena District Athletic Club, we utilize a program called Precision Nutrition, that takes a long-term approach to transform your lifestyle.

The program uses a web-based platform that analyzes your fitness goals and tailors a program most appropriate for you. You then follow the strategy, all while a live nutrition coach helps keep you on track. While not a fix for losing pounds quickly, you’re sure to look great long after you say, ‘I do’ with the lifestyle shift that is maintainable well into the future.

4. Give Yourself Time

When working on your wedding fitness goals, it’s critical that you give yourself the appropriate amount of time. If you don’t, it could result in a serious injury–and no bride or groom wants to limp down the aisle in a cast.

Enrolling in a fitness camp allows you to enjoy a window of dedication, motivation and inspiration. It’s a safe space to try and break out of your comfort zone and embrace the uncomfortable to reap the physical and mental benefits.


3 Things to do TODAY to get you on track for a better tomorrow:

  1. Start slow until you know your limits
  2. Have a plan, if you are not sure invest in time with a trainer
  3. Be consistent.  Results take time, effort and energy – don’t give up!

Come see me at the Arena District Athletic Club for your free trial!

-Bill Brown, General Manager
Arena District Athletic Club