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Wedding cake display
May 14, 2018
Get Creative with These 7 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Your special day deserves an equally special dessert.  For many years, the wedding cake was the definitive dessert in the wedding world. However, like a lot of other wedding traditions, couples are opting to break trends and get a little bit more creative with their featured dessert.

As a trend-definers ourselves, The Grand Event Center has hosted Columbus wedding receptions that feature all sorts of delicious desserts. To help inspire you, here are 7 wedding cake alternatives we think…take the cake!

Wedding Pie

Yes, cake’s arch rival, pie. This dessert is a very popular choice for couples that prefer the sweet and tangy taste of fruit. Sure, you can get cake in some fruity flavors, but for real fruit lovers nothing beats the taste of a delicious apple, cherry or any other berry pie! We’ve also seen some really delicious arrangements of miniature pies made to look like a cake–giving you the best of worlds.

Wedding Macarons

These delicious delicatessens make for an excellent alternative to wedding cakes without straying too far from tradition. Macarons can easily be arranged in any kind of shape, i.e. a wedding cake, yet they’re unique enough to leave a memorable impression on your guests.

Wedding Ice Cream 

If we include cake’s rival, we need to include its sidekick. Ice cream is an extremely popular alternative to wedding cakes due to the sheer variety of flavors and set-ups you can do. Many Columbus couples have chosen the fun and nostalgic style of an ice cream truck. However, there are tons of cute constructions made of ice cream and cones that bare a resemblance to wedding cakes.

Wedding Waffles

Do you think it’s true that breakfast food tastes better at night? Or maybe you’re having an early wedding and need something a little more appropriate for the time? Waffles are the logical answer! Top this classic baked good with whipped cream and some fruit, or slather it in yummy maple syrup to ensure your guests leave thoroughly pleased.

Wedding Cookies/Cupcake

Just one degree away from tradition in our minds, chances are good that you’ve been to a wedding that featured this delectable diversion from standard wedding cakes. What it might lack in “wow” factor, these baked goods make up for in their sheer deliciousness and crowd-pleasing ability.

Wedding Sushi Cake

How does celebrating your nuptials with a California Roll sound? It’s been done many times, and it can be a reality for your wedding, too! Sushi can be pretty hit or miss with people, though, so if you choose this wedding cake alternative, it might be a good idea to keep a box of cookies or cupcakes around as a backup.

Wedding Pizza Cake 

When the cake hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore! Layers and layers of melty cheese and zesty pepperoni is enough to make any guest forget that there isn’t any cake at your wedding. We also need to caution you about this one, as your guest might be a bit too full to dance after eating a slice of pizza cake.

Our catering team would be happy to recommend local vendors to help you with any of these wedding cake ideas!