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April 4, 2018
4 Tips for Managing an Event in Inclement Weather

Nothing pulls a great event day together quite like beautiful weather – full of sunshine and clear skies. However, we all know that mother nature isn’t always the most cooperative event guest, and sometimes inclement weather becomes a major factor in the plans you’ve made.

Acting smart, quickly and proactively can go a long way in ensuring that even a torrential downpour won’t put a damper on your special day.

As experts in event planning and hosting in Columbus, The Grand Event Center has seen its fair share of inclement weather situations, and offer these 4 tips for managing an event in bad conditions.

Be Ready to Cover Up

Depending on the type and size of your event this is a great precaution to take, even if the forecast doesn’t seem immediately foreboding. If you’re hosting a quaint outdoor wedding ceremony, for example, ensure that someone from your party has tarps and covers that can quickly be deployed in order to save seating, tables, décor and equipment.

In many cases, the stories we hear of rain ruining an event come in the form of a brief, yet substantial downpour moving in, soaking everything in its path, and then making way for an otherwise pleasant day. Don’t let minutes of inclement weather get the best of your event!

If you hold your event at The Grand Event Center in Columbus, our large indoor venue is a great shelter from bad weather, and convenient hotel and parking options make getting there a breeze!

Designate Jobs Accordingly

Chances are someone at your event won’t mind checking their phone or a laptop every so often to stay abreast on the latest weather forecasts. However, if you don’t want to ask anyone to carry that burden at your event, or if it just doesn’t seem like the appropriate event (i.e. a wedding), simply ask someone that works for the venue .

Have a Plan in Place and Communicate It

When the raindrops come calling, it’s important that panic and pandemonium don’t come with them. If inclement weather is a possibility for your event, make certain that there’s an organized plan in place for what to do.

Prior to the event getting started, talk with your guests in order to relay the plan in case of inclement weather. People moving cohesively and with purpose tend to stay much dryer than those that are uninformed and unaware!

Be Realistic About Your Event

When you’re planning an event that has both indoor and outdoor elements, it’s wise to make sure that all of the outdoor portions can, within reason, be replicated indoors. Avoid jam-packing your event into a timeslot. If possible, give some leeway in your agenda in case inclement weather strikes, and the event is either delayed, relocated or cancelled.

At the end of the day, most events are about the people rather than the venue itself. Most folks understand weather is a truly unpredictable entity, and are more than happy to help you accommodate in case of emergency.

With that said, we wish you nothing but sunshine, clear skies and gentle breezes during your event!