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February 13, 2018
The Importance of Seamless Audiovisual for Corporate Events

Organizing a successful corporate event can be challenging. With so many moving parts and pieces to manage, it’s common for some things to be overlooked or glossed over – namely, audiovisual.

As one of the top corporate meeting spaces in Columbus, nobody understands the importance of seamless audiovisual better than The Grand Event Center. Audiovisual’s role in corporate events is often double-sided – when everything goes as planned, nobody can really tell. But when something goes wrong, everyone notices.

The meeting rooms at The Grand Event Center feature cutting-edge, professional-quality audiovisual equipment to allow event organizers the peace of mind to focus their efforts on more important matters.

To ensure top-quality audiovisual at your corporate event, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Make Time for Set Up

Even when it’s provided, good audiovisual takes time to set up. It’s important for corporate event organizers to arrive on-site a few hours to a day in advance to make sure everything is in proper working order by the time everyone arrives.

This includes a test run through the presentation to ensure slides are correctly formatted for the screen, as well as clicking all links and videos to ensure they open and play without problems.

Pre-download Videos to Avoid Hassle

At a corporate event, there’s nothing worse than opening a video during a presentation and finding that it won’t play. This can make for a very awkward moment – especially if the video is necessary to set up the rest of the presentation’s content.

The best way to add a video to a corporate presentation is to download it in advance and run it out of a video playback system. Smaller video files can even be embedded into the presentation itself. Doing this ensures the highest quality during playback and avoids interruptive commercials, buffering and pop-up ads that stem from video sites like YouTube.

Ask Your A/V Team the Right Questions

If you’re not sure about the more technical aspects of a corporate events venue’s audiovisual equipment, it always helps to ask. If your business meeting is in Columbus, our team at The Grand Event Center is happy to provide any and all details regarding the audiovisual equipment available and can expertly address any questions that may follow.

Asking the right questions ensures the smoothest possible audiovisual experience for your corporate event attendees and can even inspire creative new additions to your presentation based on previously unknown capabilities.

If you’re searching for a Columbus venue to host your next company event, The Grand Event Center provides the ideal, comprehensive space for any and all corporate meetings, conferences or social events.