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January 19, 2018
Pros and Cons of Having a Friday Wedding in Columbus
Is Friday a good day to have a wedding? Check out our list of pros and cons to help you make a decision.

Saturday has long been the day to have a wedding, thanks mainly in part to its convenience with guests. But due to their longstanding popularity, Saturday wedding dates get booked months – and even years – ahead at popular venues and reception halls in Ohio and beyond.

If you’re planning a wedding in Columbus, then chances are you’ve come across The Grand Event Center while researching venues. Many couples come to us with a few Saturday dates already in mind, and choose whichever option is available. But if they’re dead-set on a weekend that’s already booked, or start planning their wedding just a little too late, they may have to consider alternative dates.

Is Friday – for many the exalted end of the work week – a good day to have a wedding? It might, or it might not, depending on a few factors. Here is a list of pros and cons to help you make a decision.

Pros of Having a Friday Wedding


Many couples that come to The Grand Event Center are dead set on celebrating their wedding with us. While that includes incredible wedding packages, chef-inspired menus and a staff of detail-oriented experts, it also means they must be open to different dates if the one they chose is booked. Since it’s not as prevalent, having your wedding on a Friday allows you the flexibility to choose from a larger pool of dates. Additionally, other in-demand vendors – such as the DJ/band and pastor/priest – have more availability on a Friday as opposed to Saturday.

Quality Time

Expecting a lot of friends and family from out of town at your wedding? Holding it on a Friday allows you the whole weekend to spend quality time with them! With Saturdays, wedding couples are typically too busy in the days leading up to the ceremony, and out-of-towners usually leave bright and early Sunday. But with a Friday wedding, couples get the entire weekend with guests to explore Columbus, plan something fun like a party or escape room, or even host a backyard BBQ.

Smaller Head Count

Whether you consider it a pro or con, Friday weddings typically mean a smaller head count. The pro argument for this is cost savings on almost everything – from the wedding packages you choose at The Grand Event Center to the number of wedding favors and thank you cards you have to send.

Cons of Having a Friday Wedding

Time Commitment

With work and other commitments, attending a Friday wedding just isn’t do-able for some guests. For those in the wedding, they’ll have to sacrifice a work night to attend the rehearsal – which is usually held a day or two before the ceremony. Guests from out of town may have to use vacation days from work (or skip class) to travel to Columbus, although since the ceremony usually begins in the evening, guests residing in the Columbus area should have no problem making it hassle-free.

Rush Hour Traffic

If you’re having a Friday wedding in the evening, you and your guests will have to deal with the inevitable Columbus rush hour traffic. While not as bad as other major cities, it could still pose a problem for guests trying to make the ceremony in time. Some may simply opt to attend the reception to avoid driving in traffic altogether.

More Notice Required

Couples who aren’t the best at planning may not want to have their wedding on a Friday since it requires notice far more in advance. Sending out the invites around a year before the big day gives people plenty of time to budget for travel, plan time off from work or school and coordinate other general logistics.

Are you interested in learning more about Friday weddings? Contact our expert team of wedding planners and we’ll help you determine if a Friday wedding at The Grand Event Center is right for your big day!

Photo: AZAR Photography