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December 19, 2017
Guide to Giving a Successful Father of the Bride Speech

Whether or not you are involved in the planning of your daughter’s wedding, there are certain responsibilities expected from the father of the bride on her big day.

Of course, every father looks forward to the moment he gets to walk his daughter down the wedding aisle. But when it comes to the big father of the bride speech – traditionally the first one given at the reception – apprehension and anxiety may begin to set in.

At The Grand Event Center, we’ve seen many toasts and speeches given by fathers of the bride, and know what it takes to make them feel truly special.

To help you usher in a new and exciting chapter in your daughter’s life, here is our guide to giving a successful father of the bride speech.

  1. The Introduction (1-2 minutes)

While the introduction is perhaps the easiest part of your speech, some fathers tend to draw it out longer than necessary. For this, simply give your name, and thank the guests for coming to such a special occasion in your family’s life. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can even throw in a small, tasteful joke to earn the crowd’s attention.

  1. Your Daughter (5-7 minutes)

Once the introduction is made, it’s time to delve into the main topic – your daughter. Depending on your personality and what you feel comfortable with, there are a couple ways you can attack this part of the speech. Whichever option you choose (and you can certainly weave in both) should be written from the heart, and personal to the relationship you have with your daughter.

The Comedian

You’ve been telling witty anecdotes centered around your daughter for years. The father of the bride speech is your chance to string together a couple of the greatest hits for some good-humored embarrassment that will have the whole crowd laughing out loud.

The Tearjerker

Your daughter has always made you proud. You may have gone through turbulent times together, but it’s those moments that made your relationship stronger. Whatever stories you may have, use this opportunity to wholeheartedly tell her how much she means to you, and how happy you are that she found an amazing person to spend her life with.

  1. Your Son-In-Law (2-3 minutes)

Now that you’ve spoken about your daughter, take the next moments to tell a short anecdote about your new son-in-law.

Perhaps he didn’t give off the greatest first impression when your daughter introduced him, and did something later on that cemented him into your good graces?

Maybe the two of you shared an experience that assured you he was right for your daughter?

Whether your story is witty or heartfelt, it should end with you formally recognizing him – and perhaps also his parents/siblings – into your family.

  1. Words of Wisdom (1-2 minutes)

Since, as the father of the bride, you will probably be the oldest one speaking at the ceremony, cap your speech with some words of wisdom about living a happy life or maintaining a healthy marriage. What you say here is up to you. Often, this advice is humorous in nature, but it should at least somewhat hold true.

Once you’ve imparted your sage counsel, finish by asking everyone to stand and raise a glass to the happy couple, and revel in your successful father of the bride speech!


Photo by: Kaylina Norton Photography