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June 16, 2016
Save on your wedding flowers
Use these tips to help your florist build the perfect bouquet that fits in your budget

It’s one of the most important items to help support the theme and decor of your wedding, but no one loves paying for these – wedding flowers.

This one small detail is one that helps set the mood for everyone in attendance at your Columbus wedding.  As much as you’d love to throw down a pretty penny on those oh-so-pretty peonies, unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees (or flowers in your case) — and you don’t have the budget for them, or you’d rather spend the big bucks somewhere else (the perfect dress perhaps?) Bummer, we know. Weddings are expensive, and like many Columbus brides, you may not want to throw all your budget on the flowers. Using these helpful tips, you can use any of the great Columbus florists, and have them make you the perfect bouquet at just the right price.

wedding flowers

Tip One: Swap out expensive flowers
You may want the look of peonies and whether it’s off season or you just don’t want to spend the money, you can get the same look for a lot less. Swap out peonies for carnations. Carnations often get a bad rap, but when creatively arranged and grouped together, they can mimic the ruffled layered look of peonies. The overall cost of carnations can be as much as 70-80% less than peonies, plus, they’re available in a wide range of colors year-round! On the flip side though, during peak peony season (May-June), the cost of peonies can be less and the bloom size very large, sometimes reaching over 6″ wide. Why does this all matter then? Well, according to Hsu, when bloom size is that big, you won’t need to use as many stems and sometimes it can even work out that peonies are more cost-effective than using other flower types. So definitely do your homework first!


Tip Two: Go for smaller center pieces
You may have your heart set on having large-and-in-charge blooms growing out of each table. But you can give your guests a better view across the table, and a better view across the room if you keep your centerpieces low to the table. This can also save your bottom line wedding budget. Buy using flowers that don’t need to have long elegant stems you can save a pretty penny.

dusky blue wedding flowers using succulents

Tip Three: Use non floral pieces in your bouquets
The floral bouquet has often been seen as a must for brides. But a new trend is emerging that allows for non floral elements to be added to bouquets or having non floral bouquets all together. Whether you are using these chic fabric flowers with touches of sparkle and shine, or you wanted to use pine cones in your winter wedding theme, you can still have a stunning bouquet on your wedding day! And using less flowers or no flowers will save you some bonus cash.

non floral wedding bouquets ac332b92ed696c8817cb7724de804175

No matter what your wedding theme is, you can easily find a few ways to pinch pennies on the flowers, so you can spend big on the things that matter to you most.